photos by Kate Raines and Kenzi Crash

community-powered performance made by, for, 

and about women, queer and trans people, 

and people of color in Philadelphia


Ninth Planet creates opportunities for people of color, women, queer and trans* people in Philadelphia to participate in the making, performing, and producing of ​community-powered performance​. Through our work with artists and community members, we examine the systems and structures that marginalize and separate us and imagine fantastical, liberated futures together. Engaging with families, youth, and adults through original live performances and artistic workshops, we use the power of play and self-expression to help people build the skills to advocate for themselves and their communities.

about our work

Our performances are created collaboratively by the ensemble, empowering each individual to impact the process. We experiment with co-authorship and long-form process; creating intentional space for reflection, responsiveness, and deviation. Our shows are designed to activate imagination, self-reflection, and a sense of adventure through the collision of dance, theatre, music, and installation. We aim to support socio­-emotional development and togetherness by collaborating directly with the communities we serve through workshops, creative research and learning. We believe that performance makers are uniquely positioned to collaborate with people to envision alternative futures through artistic experience

Why Ninth Planet?

While we spent most of the 20th century believing a small cold rock was our ninth planet, it turns out a magnificent giant on the outskirts of our solar system may actually hold that title. The mysterious super-planet remains hypothetical and uncharted. This beautiful rock is a contradiction; a radical discovery at the edge of our universe. Likewise, Ninth Planet is a perception flip. A reminder that there is always another truth you haven’t discovered.

Why this spelling of trans*?

Because of our commitment to building a trans-affirming community, we use the term "trans*" to acknowledge the multitude of experiences that encompass transsexual, transgender, genderqueer, agender, Two-Spirit, people and all individuals whose gender expression and gender identity is nonconforming and/or different from that assigned to them at birth.