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Ninth Planet’s Digital Play Package provides inspiration for playtime at home! Have fun with music, dance and crafts designed specially to appeal to babies and early toddlers, while teaching you about the fundamentals of early childhood development.


Quick-draw prompts invite you to create playful crafts and new dance moves while bopping to a soundscape of original electronic music from Homeworld, Ninth Planet’s installation performance for babies. We’ve designed the activities for babies under 24 months old, but kids under 5 may still enjoy them.


Take a moment each day to slow down and notice how you and your baby play together. 

The Digital Play Package includes: 

  • Baby Beats Music Album with 23 original songs created in response to the rhythms and sounds of a baby’s world

  • Activity Book with instructions to make interactive crafts that transform your living room into an aquatic play space!

  • Deck of 27 Play Cards that gets you and your baby dancing, imagining and creating new worlds together. 

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