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In the midst of the pandemic, we were planning to premiere a new play called HONEY HONEY, but the world had other plans. We still wanted to tell this story but in an entirely different way.

Honey Honey is the story of three young queer folks growing up together –– leaving home, finding and losing love, and coming into themselves. We transformed our theatrical script (co-written by a creative team of queer and trans* performers and musicians with contributions from young artists from The Attic Youth Center) into a screenplay. We invited audiences to read our screenplay, and shared a series of open casting calls inviting interested performs to cast themselves in our story.


Video submissions of participants performing text from the script and original dances, as well as B-roll submissions, were collaged into one cohesive film, alongside performances from our cast of professional artists.

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 2.59.52 PM.png

Over a course of 6 months, Ninth Planet co-artistic directors Nia Benjamin and Sam Tower worked with Editor Reese Castaldi, Sound Designer Anthony Martinez-Briggs and cast members Jackie Soro, Emily Johnson, and Paloma Irizarry to create The Honey Honey Community Film, with over 40 submissions from our community to help us stitch together this original tale of queer love and self-discovery. 

THE RESULT? In May of 2021, we premiered our film for free on YouTube, and you can stream it at the link below.

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