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images by Hannah Van Sciver


created in collaboration with Plant Me Here + Shakai Mondai

I’d rather choke than be a quitter is an étude of growth and decay. It is momentary and eternal. A portal to a more magical world. It's our obsession with bending space and time. It lives underneath layers of grotesque brush strokes. It floats away on a dreamy electronic sound score. It throws itself into the air, expecting to never come down again. It’s the song and dance of our inevitable departure.

originally commissioned by Exquisite Corpse Company in Brooklyn, NY

march 4 - 8, 2016

creative team:

Directed by Sam Tower
Created/Performed by Emma Arrick, Tess Kunik, Caitlin Dagle
Costume Design by Emilie Krause
Live Music by Shakai Mondai
Gallery Exhibition by Sam Whalen
Lighting Design by Sam Tower and James Haro
Stage Managed by James Haro
Front of House by Anne Ketcham and Hannah Van Sciver

images courtesy of Fringe Arts + Emilie Krause

I'd rather choke than be a quitter was created in collaboration with art collective Plant Me Here and electronic musician Shakai Mondai, who played live sound for the performance.

Presented March 4 - 8, 2016, the show featured a companion gallery installation from visual artist Sam Whalen, featuring her beautifully grotesque visual expressions on plastic, paper and fabric that directly influenced the physical material.

I'd rather choke than be a quitter was originally commissioned by Exquisite Corpse Company in Brooklyn, NY for a performance at Redwood Studios in 2015. The piece was expanded to a full length exhibition in 2016. Work in progress excerpts were shown at FringeArts Scratch Night and Nice & Fresh in Mt. Airy.


— Julius Ferraro, Phindie

Eight high-octane minutes of thrashing under brilliant
lights while puffs of powder built a continuous cloud, making the air thick and the light concrete.

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