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Accessibility Survey for Philadelphia

Performance-Based Artists


Ninth Planet was asked to fill out an Accessibility Survey for Philadelphia Performance-Based Artists by our friends and previous collaborators from Plant Me Here. We felt it was our responsibility to respond to this call for accountability from colleagues and community members.
Please make sure to click the link above and read about the context of this survey. This will help you understand its origin as an accountability request to The Wilma Theater in response to serious safety and accessibility concerns from their community in regard to their plans to reopen during the pandemic. The Wilma still has not publicly answered these questions.

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A note from us about the survey.

We took this opportunity to fill out this survey with complete honesty. It was both a challenging and revealing experience for us. This survey does not represent an exhaustive list of considerations, but it was most certainly a useful tool for holding ourselves accountable for the ways in which we are failing to accommodate the disabled community. It affirmed for us that we have a long way to go towards actualizing greater accessibility for people with disabilities as audiences, artists and collaborators. In the survey, you will find some of our prior commitments to assessing and improving accessibility within our work, and you’ll learn about how we are committed to more long term improvements in the spaces we inhabit, the work we create, and the culture we promote as a group of producing artists.

Transparency is something we strive for as Ninth Planet. We ask that you get in touch with us directly if you’d like to discuss any of our answers, goals, and benchmarks for improvement.

If you identify as part of the disability community, we would especially welcome any feedback you have for us at this time. We are committed to assessing our progress on an annual basis, and we ask that you, our community, hold us accountable to our words.
We are grateful for the work that has gone into putting together this tool from the artists of Plant Me Here. It is important to acknowledge that disability justice can only be achieved when disabled people are consulted, compensated, and centered authentically in all spaces. Ableism is interconnected with white supremacy and it is embedded in the fabric of the society we live in. Ninth Planet is on our own journey of undoing the ways we uphold ableism, and subsequently white supremacy in the process. We ask you to join us on this journey of (un)learning and growing.

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