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We believe in the power of womxn* to change the tide of the future. Womxn-led organizations are more equitable, more sustainable, and more responsive to the shiftings demands of their sector.


Ninth Planet is a platform where womxn come together with allies and supporters to develop high quality performance experiences for people of all ages, backgrounds and socio-economic means. Our operations are administered horizontally by the Co-Artistic Directors, Narrative Developer, and Creative Advisor, through a system of consensus-based decision making. For us, collaborative leadership is a vital step towards empowerment and equity in the workplace.

Tina Zhong (Bryn Mawr College) in 2017's Particular Risk

Image by Plate 3 Photography

Our organization is committed to the development of young artists, particularly womxn of color. We hope to foster a new generation of experimental performance makers through artistic and administrative skill-building workshops. Our workshops provide these young people with tools to create, perform and produce their own innovative works of live performance.


We believe in collaborative performance making as a tool for amplification and a means for change. As a company, we are committed to partnering with people who share our values.

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