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"Benjamin, Fabiyi, and Kunik's performances are fascinating from a theatrical perspective. While choreographed and cued by music and sound changes, they constantly adjust to their unpredictable, curious, and mobile audience. Though definite movements and ideas emerge, the performers are comfortable with the responsibility of moment-to-moment awareness."

- Mark Cofta, Broad Street Review

"All components of Homeworld coalesce to center and heighten the babies’ exploration of the world, and thus our witnessing of it. The dancers move gently. Much of their floor-based choreography—a leg held in the air, alert on a belly, a shake and a scoot—highlights the already present organic movement of ten tiny beings, now incorporated, weaving in and out, exploring..."

- Jenna Horton, thINKingdance

Today’s stressful climate manifests itself in overwhelm and the general sense of longing for the monastic wonder of childhood. Ninth Planet was founded by Sam Tower, Nia Benjamin, Katie Croyle and Jeremy Gable, and together, they have created the perfect antidote. A mixture of art, theater and movement dispels the chaos and offers a momentary retreat to babyhood. A nautical atmosphere inspires play and curiosity for the unknown. The natural inclination to explore is given a place, and it is in homeworld.

- Gina Palumbo, Philadelphia Dance Journal

"It was the first time I ever really witnessed how a baby must be thinking and learning. I was fascinated and moved beyond words. Had I seen something like this piece before my first child was born, unquestionably my entire parenting experience would have been different — improved immeasurably, and at great benefit to my children. This was a true moment in my life, and I will look at babies and young children with enlightenment because of it."

- Chuck Barnett

The space you set up was beautiful, warm, inviting, tempting, clean, exciting, stimulating. The pace and rising action of the piece was gorgeous: organic and intentional . . .  I loved how the experience of the performers mimicked the exploratory experience of the little ones.”

- Miriam White



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