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Strange Tenants Press Image



2017 Philadelphia Fringe Festival
September 7 - 17, 2017

Power Plant Productions Basement

Strange Tenants is a haunted house inside the

body of a woman. 

It's a phantom limb you want to forget.

Four estranged friends meet in hopes of a pleasant reunion, but are faced with a mysterious disappearance. Childhood secrets are guarded and promises are betrayed. Hitchcock is evoked. Hypnotizing movement and a blistering soundscape take the audience on a sinister adventure in this dance theatre psycho thriller.

creative team:

directed/produced by Sam Tower
written by Jeremy Gable
dramaturgy by Katie Croyle

co-created and performed by
Merri Rashoyan, Nia Benjamin, Bi Jean Ngo*, Tess Kunik, Eliana Fabiyi and Katie Croyle

*appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association


music by Alec MacLaughlin
set by Kevin Meehan
light by Alyssandra Docherty
costumes by Sam Tower


production stage manager Maya Neville

assistant stage manager Franny Mestrich

sound engineer Sam Rosen

associate producer Eliana Fabiyi


"Arresting in its weirdness and impressive in its quivers, jerks and writing ... As for the psycho thriller part, the show is satisfyingly strange and in its way, gripping." 

 Howard Shapiro, Newsworks

the birth + life of strange tenants

dramaturg/creator Katie Croyle | image by

Strange Tenants has been developed through generous support from FringeArtsThe Producers FundHeadlong,, Chi Movement Art CenterThe Barn Arts Collective, and many dedicated individual donors.

Public work in progress showings have been performed at Bryn Mawr Wintry Mix, Headlong First Friday, BarnFest Philly, and Barn Arts Collective in Bass Harbor, Maine.

The first development phase for Strange Tenants began in March 2016 with an ensemble including Nia Benjamin, Katie Croyle, Emilie Krause, Merri Rashoyan, Anna Szapiro. This group explored a source material constellation ranging from fabric tapestries by New Orleans artist Chris Roberts-Antieau, to surreal visual art, to stories from their diverse familial backgrounds. At these early workshops, Alec MacLaughlin began to compose the sound score and Jeremy Gable began creating the Hitchcock inspired story.  Development of Strange Tenants continued through 2016 and into 2017, leading to the 2017 Fringe Festival world premiere.

creator/performer Bi Jean Ngo | image by


This photo series was created by Kate Raines, Sam Tower, Emilie Krause, Anna Szapiro, Katie Croyle, Merri Rashoyan and Nia Benjamin during the first phase of research into the world of Strange Tenants. Costume design by Emilie Krause. This series investigates the inexplicable relationships we have with our inherited traits and stories.

Strange Tenants in Process, 2016 - 2017

images by Hannah Van Sciver

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