HOMEWORLD is a gentle dance performance created for babies, ages 3 to 18 months, and their caregivers. It takes place inside an immersive installation inspired by coral and oceanic creatures. It's an intimate collage of electronic sounds, surprising movements, and interactive play with soft objects.

Each element has been chosen specifically to activate the baby’s curiosity, stimulate their awareness, and encourage interaction through movement and play. Three performers fill the space with playful dances, inviting the audience to follow their curiosity inside this strange new ecosystem. Employing a dramaturgy of the senses, Homeworld is a beautiful, relaxed space where families with very young children can enjoy the experience of live performance together.

Homeworld is a drop of water on the moon. It is the catalyst of life.

It is a teeny, tiny ecosystem that is home to billions of cells,

organisms, and creatures of the unknown.

Habitat of the underwater crustaceans known as Flurzos.

It is a safe space in an ever-changing universe.

Through a series of developmental Play Sessions, we are engaging a Creative Council of Babies and Caregivers to inform and shape the direction of HOMEWORLD to best suit the needs and attention of our audience. HOMEWORLD is designed to reach babies and carers of all abilities through the interplay of their senses and gentle guidance from warm undersea creatures. HOMEWORLD is a space where everyone belongs.


The first year of a baby’s life is a critical time for their neurological development. It is vital that the baby encounters environments that are safe and stimulating, but also unfamiliar, in order to learn how to follow their individual curiosities. These experiences forge new pathways in the brain that support confidence, social skills, and an understanding of causal relationships.

During this first year, babies are also forming a lifelong attachment to their caregivers. Learning how to play and investigate freely within new surroundings supports the formation of a secure attachment. The installation for Homeworld provides an opportunity for babies to discover new people, textures, sounds, and ideas while their caregiver is close by; allowing them to play, search, explore, and return to their carer as a secure home base. 

Special thanks to the Homeworld Creative Council of Babies and Carers for their contributions!

C.W. Kennedy & Lyra

Regan Buker & Eleanor

Bill D'Agostino, Carrie Nielson & Anya

Rosemarie McKelvey, Nathan Foley, James & Theo

Daniella Gunn & Londyn 

Kinny Peterkin, Jennifer Hatch & Remy

Liam O'Donnell, Susan Tindall, & Maeve

Victor Hernandez & Camilo

Elizabeth Belcher, Lu Deng & Anji

Ross Hoffman & Ambrose

Becky Wright, Adriano Shaplin & Ida

Jeanette Gonzalez & Dorien

Abigail Henry & Apollo

Miriam White & August

Meg Wynes & Van

Nailah Bright Draper & Brighton

Integrating live performance into a child's creative education from the start not only aids cognitive development, but supports the discovery of self and the child's capacity for empathy. We hope, also, that Homeworld will create beautiful, lasting memories during a time that can often be so isolating and lonely for new parents and caregivers.

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