photos by kenzi crash

Joss invited Speedster Princess. Speedster Princess invited Red Ruby Girl. 

Red Ruby Girl invited Batty Boo. Batty Boo invited Foster. Foster invited no/name and Joss.


No one knows whose house they’re in.

Beats pulse, temperatures rise,

Hook ups, break ups,

A snail and a mixtape.


It all starts at the party, honey honey.

Honey Honey Phase 1 Concept Video

by Nia Benjamin

Honey Honey is a new immersive performance from Ninth Planet and Brandi Burgess for young adults that shares the experience of growing up queer, brown and black, and trans* through fantasy, music, digital media and participatory storytelling.


Featuring live performance, video projection, and original music, Honey Honey invites you to explore an interwoven score of choreography and narratives. Set at a cosmic house party, audiences encounter a kaleidoscope of love songs, motorcycle joy rides, and secret rendezvous spilling in every direction. Fall down a cotton-candy rabbit hole into an alternate reality where music propels you, every creature has magic, and the experience of queerness is boundless.


This iteration of Honey Honey has been shaped with creative contributions from young artists at The Attic Youth Center, as part of Ninth Planet and Brandi Burgess' commitment to responding to the voices of young people in our work. 


Fresh from a Pilot Artist Residency at Christ Church Neighborhood House, Honey Honey has received support from Theatre Philadelphia, The Network of Ensemble Theaters, Imagination Worldwide, and the Philadelphia Cultural Fund. 


An experiment in large-scale co-authorship, this work is being co-authored by a team composed of 15 devisers, editors, mangers and musicians; including Paloma Irizarry, Anthony Martinez-Briggs, Sav Souza, Emily Johnson, Jackie Soro, Kira Rodriguez, Rachel Sumi Ishikawa, Jacqueline Constance,  Nia Benjamin, Brandi Burgess, Sam Tower, and young collaborators from the Attic Youth Center. Stage Management by Nic Labadie-Bartz and Franny Mestrich. Production Management by Sara Marinich. Dramaturgy by Arianna Gass. Learn more about the creative team here.

Show History

2018 |  Audio Visual Installation at the Painted Bride Art Center

2018 |  Informal Showing presented at the University of the Arts School of Dance

2019 |  Pop-Up Performance at Honey Honey Happy Hour (Art Sanctuary) 

2019 |  Work Showing at Cherry Street Pier for First Friday October, supported by Theatre Philadelphia

made with               by nia benjamin